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St Nicks
Welcome to St Nicholas's Market, where you are greeted by worn metal pillars marking the entrance and demand you ' pay down upon the nail'. Chequered scuffed floors and a small grand entrance that house so much.
Hot spicy sauces to blow your head off, metaphorically speaking. Hats, bags and t-shirts bearing modern inscriptions sit next to gloves and scarves designed not made long ago.
Bristol Blue glass that made its name a household one. Speaking of household names, Banksy's priceless artwork on t-shirts sit next to a store long thought dead - the last remaining hardware store.
Every possible item and accessory you could possibly need to make your very own bicycle, just bring the frame itself. Small period toys that look older than the fossils hacked and broken from who knows where.
Looking for a present for an aspiring Goth? Silver jewellery, Celtic and pagan to accent elegant metal attire.
Incence sticks, scents and oils send your mind flying to the mystical, before a greasy spoon corner cafe brings you back to the West (West country at least).
Looking to start stamp collecting? Then pick any books of stamps that are stacked up so high you can barely see the shopkeeper. You're sure to find a stamp to your liking.
Next are clippers to light up more than just your way. Gert Lush the beast speaks in a Bristolian dialect. Sit on new furniture and mix with vinyl from decades ago.
An open air market filled with all manner of food: veg and vegan, cranberry juice and Pieminster, Moroccan and mash, sausages and kofta, a grill bar how much more can you eat?
Peace signs and incense, as subtle as the flowers. Then stand up straight next to national flags, their colours are bold next to fabrics that are lavish.
Repairing keys and making decorations - a graveyard of keys while cutters save others. Sewing, knitwear and beads sit easily next to gothic clothing for an entertaining metal night out. Boots old and very old next to band t-shirts and more vinyl.  
Sweets and treats from many different childhoods given new life. Quality chocolate sold from a bar so thats alright. The South African shop in Bristol selling goods both branded and favourites for ex-pats. Very vintage women's wear, the tour finally finishes.
Welcome to St Nicks.
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January 7, 2013
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